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January 04, 2019

At the first night of New Year, Florida girl who got in trouble in her flipped and submerged car was finally rescued by using her Apple Watch call for help. It is the SOS function of Apple Watch help this lucky girl. She lost her iPhone at that time, and when she pressed side-button for 3 seconds and choose SOS call, her Apple Watch connected her iPhone and called for 911. -from Today news

Apple Watch also has a function that helps other a lot. When it tracks that you have an abnormal heart rate or fall suddenly, Apple Watch will also alert and ask you if need to call for help. Last year in March, 61-year-old David Gilley from Atlanta, GA saved by this alert function.

However, there are some shortcomings affect you using this feature, and you need to do some extra settings.

One of the shortcomings is that Apple Watch is easy to call 911 accidentally. Apple Watch has a warning countdown, and you can cancel it if you accidentally trigger it. If you often launch this function accidentally, you can turn off this automatic pushbutton SOS feature. Once automatic feature turned off, when you press side-button for 3 seconds, you have to slide to call 911.

Just take a few steps setting.
1. Open your Watch app on your iPhone;
2. In "My Watch," Click "General" and then "Emergency SOS";
3. Turn off the "Hold to Auto Call" slider.

Disable the automatic emergency sos function of Apple Watch

Watch App Setting UI

The second shortcoming is the limited battery stock. Apple Watch has extra excellent functions like music, navigation and answering the phone call. When you often use apps, it loses power quickly. If you do not bring power bank with you, and that would be hard to get help in an emergency moment. The solution is to keep a power bank in your bag or not to use additional apps. The most convenient step is to buy a Batfree strap that doesn't influence tracking function. You don't need to carry an extra power bank, and this strap will charge for your watch.

Batfree strap

Batfree Power Strap